How We Do It

Made With Care

We take pride in giving our cows a healthy and fulfilling life on our farm, and all that love and care shows in the quality of our cheese. This is the foundation for every cheese we make at Locksley Farmstead Cheese Co. It’s a difference you can literally taste!

1 Milking

The first step in the process of making any of our cheese at Locksley is the milk. Liquid milk is added to our machines and readied for the pasteurization process.

2 Pasteurization

The milk is pasteurized. Pasteurization is a crucial step when working with dairy products, as this step involves the heating and cooling of the milk to kill any bacteria.

3 Culturing Milk

Now, this is where it starts getting interesting! At this point, starter cultures are added to the milk, which develops the shape, flavor, and texture of each cheese variety.

4 Separating Curds & Whey

The curd is heated up to cook and release moisture. Stir. Drain the whey off and begin to form the cheese from the loose curds into the shapes we see.

5 Climate Controlled Aging

The cheese wheels are then aged in climate-controlled vaults. Our team carefully monitors the temperature and humidity in order to properly encourage good bacterial growth and aging.