Maid Marian

A Camembert worthy of its name.

Unlike the wax-coated Cheddar, the soft rind found on our Camembert should be eaten.

The leading lady and love interest of Robin Hood was known not only for her beauty and strength, but also for her kindness and courage. The notable character garnered love and gossip from many throughout the land. With its earthy, mushroomy aromas, this camembert cheese is similar in flavor to a brie, but offers deeper, stronger flavors in a spreadable texture.

Tasting Notes

Soft, creamy, and earthy

Wine Pairing


Originating in Condrieu in the Northern Rhône region of France, Viognier has found a home here and was designated Virginia’s “Signature White Grape”. Chrysalis Vineyards has been producing award-winning Viognier since the mid-1990s.