Red Knight

Pepper Jack

The cheese you love to hate, but hate to love.

Standing opposite our White Knight is none other than the Red Knight. This mysterious and deep figure is full of surprises, just like our Cheese. Each bite starts out soft and smooth, but when you least expect it, will have you breathing fire! This Pepper Jack, still delicious for even the most sensitive of palettes, is the perfect combination of sweet and spicy.

Tasting Notes

Smooth, spicy, and sweet

Wine Pairings


Buttorfleoge is Chrysalis Vineyards’ first sparkling wine and a new take on Norton based on an ancient practice. This 100% whole-clustered pressed Norton wine is produced using only the natural microflora found on the skins and rachises of the grapes grown on the Locksley Estate. The result is a true, terroir-driven pétillant-natural (or Pét Nat), and an exciting addition to the Norton lineup here at Chrysalis Vineyards.

Red Knight