Little John


A stirred curd Cheddar, Little John is firm but creamy with a nice sharpness.

Robin Hood’s right-hand man himself and second-in-command of the Merry Men, may we introduce to you, the one and only, Little John! Anything but small in stature (by most accounts he was seven feet tall), Little John was a quick-witted companion with a sharp and sweet side—just like our Cheese!

A traditional Cheddar, our Little John comes with an iconic black wax on the outside. Be sure to remove this prior to enjoying your cheese, as the wax is not edible!

Tasting notes

Crisp, sweet, and sharp

Wine Pairing

Nebbiolo Hollin Reserve

Nebbiolo, the wine grape of the famed Barolo and Barbaresco regions of Italy, is grown right here in Northern Virginia. This Nebbiolo is Italian in style but with a hint of New World impact and fruit-forward character. Aromas of cherry, clove, and anise. Ripe, red berry fruit on the palate such as black cherries with mocha and black pepper on the finish.