Friar Tuck

A spreadable cheese that goes on just about anything!

Great to spread on nice, crispy artisan bread or baguettes (or breakfast toast!).

Friar Tuck was one of Robin Hood’s most jovial Merry Men. The plump, bald, light-hearted holy man himself was depicted as a lover of food and ale, and a good laugh. We think he’d approve of this soft cheese sharing his namesake!

This spreadable Fromage Blanc boasts flavors of young cream with a bold tang and salty finish. Friar Tuck is made fresh weekly from 100% whole milk.

Tasting Notes

Creamy, salty, and savory

Wine Pairing

Sarah’s Patio WhiteSemi-sweet White

A semi-sweet and light-bodied white wine perfect for any occasion. This wine is 100% Vidal blanc with a very floral bouquet and has a soft, sweet, and fruity finish. Serve chilled.