From Our Farm, To Your Table.

Hand-crafted, artisanal cheeses

From our farm to your table

We’re firm believers that high-quality cheese can only come from the happiest (and healthiest) of herds. That is why Locksley Farmstead Cheese takes pride in the farming practices and conditions with which we raise our cows. These amazing cows, their healthy diet, and easy life are the key components in our cheese tasting so darn good.

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Inspired by Robin Hood's fight for the people's land. Hand-crafted for your taste buds.

Featured Cheeses

Our Process

Artisanal Cheese

We produce Cheddar, Gouda, Washed Rind, Fromage Blanc and Camembert Cheeses from cows raised on our 412-acre farm in western Loudoun County, Virginia. Everything we do is all done on location.

Carrying on Virginia’s rich agricultural history.

The Finest Local Cheese

It starts with the cows...

Locksley Farmstead Cheese believes that happy cows make the best milk, which in turn makes the best cheese! Check out some of our favorites varieties below.
Friar Tuck
Fromage Blanc

Great spread out on nice, crispy artisan bread or baguettes (or breakfast toast!).

Red Knight
Pepper Jack

A soft, buttery texture with a kick that hits you when you don’t expect it.

Maid Marian

It is similar to a brie flavor, but offers deeper, stronger flavors in a spreadable texture.

Most PopularGouda

Boasting a smooth texture, Nottingham is mild and sweet with notes of toasted hazelnuts and butter.